Morningstar Health Foundation

Advocacy for people leaving with disabilities and free medical outreach. Education management and treatment of HIV AIDS among key affected population

Awareness for cancer and kidney prevention.

Promoting cancer and kidney disease prevention through education, regular screenings, and healthy lifestyle choices is crucial for early detection and treatment.

Free Medical Outreaches in Rural areas.

We provide essential healthcare services, improving access and health outcomes for underserved communities.

Commission of health Centers in Rural Areas

Commissioning health centers in rural areas enhances healthcare access, improves community well-being, and addresses local health disparities effectively.

Rehabilitation exercises to Diseased Patients

Rehabilitation exercises for diseased patients aid recovery, improve mobility, and enhance quality of life through tailored physical therapy programs.

The Story Behind Of Our Movement

The Founder Morningstar Health Foundation hails from Olajoba Village Igalamela Local Government Kogi State. The Sixth Child of Nine but the Sad Winds of Infant Diseases had taken the life of her Four Older Siblings to the Undiagnosed Ailment of Jaundice and Malaria. This was due to Lack of Medical infrastructure and Utilities in the Community. This passion and Pain had Moved her into Helping Pregnant Women and Children alike birthing forth this Non Governmental Organization.

Collaborated Partner

As a humanitarian NGO, our collaborated partners amplify our impact, offering vital resources and support to better assist vulnerable communities worldwide.

Who is our President?

Nurse Blessing Yakubu is a compassionate healthcare provider at University of Abuja  Teaching Hospital Gwagwalada. She also runs Morning Star Foundation, an NGO, and Morning Star Clinic, focusing on women and child health. With a deep passion for their well-being, she advocates tirelessly and provides high-quality care, aiming to make a meaningful difference in their lives.

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Team Members

Our Team Members

Our dedicated team comprises compassionate healthcare professionals, skilled educators, and experienced emergency responders, all committed to improving global health outcomes.

Nurse Blessing Yakubu

Nurse Blessing Yakubu


Nurse Blessing Yakubu is a compassionate healthcare provider at University of Abuja Teaching Hospital Gwagwalada.

Mr. Tanko Isaac Degasman

Mr. Tanko Isaac Degasman

General Manager/PRO

Mr. Tanko Isaac Degasman serves as the project manager for Human Rights in Jalingo and the Human Life Support and Peace Awareness Inclusion Foundation. Additionally, he is actively engaged in politics.

Miss Annete Ojone Yakubu

Miss Annete Ojone Yakubu

Secretary General

Ojone Yakubu is a Growth Therapy Specialist and an advocate for SDG Goals. She assists individuals and brands in achieving their goals effectively.

Our Recnt Outreach

Our recent outreach provided essential medical services, health education, and emergency relief to underserved communities, significantly improving their well-being.

Medical Outreach - Kubwa, Abuja

Medical Outreach - Kubwa, Abuja

Distributions of Mosquito Nets - Yobe State

Distributions of Mosquito Nets - Yobe State

Become Our Volunteer

Join us as a volunteer to make a meaningful impact, help save lives, and support communities in need around the world.